About Judge Pope

Judge Pope brings a great amount of experience to the Superior Court Bench. During the course of his long career, he has been a:


In 2001, Governor Jim Hunt carefully considered many attorneys but selected Judge Marvin Pope to fill a newly created sixth judicial position in Buncombe County. Judge Marvin Pope has continually presided over all District Courts of Buncombe County for the past nine years. Judge Marvin Pope has also been assigned by the Administrative Office of the Courts to hold court in other counties in Western North Carolina. Judge Marvin Pope has obtained special certification as a juvenile court judge and received extensive training in Family Court, Domestic Violence Prevention, Intervention and Responsibility, Child Support Enforcement, Truancy Court and Criminal Courts. He has been successfully re-elected to the District Court Bench in 2004 and 2008. His vast approval rating and the respect he receives from his peers allowed him to run for those elections unopposed.


Marvin Pope was a successful attorney with a thriving law firm and business ventures. Most lawyers with his 28 years of experience would not consider leaving his or her practice to serve as a trial judge due to the personal financial loss. When Governor Jim Hunt asked Marvin Pope to accept the position as a trial judge he weighed the opportunity for public service against leaving the business and the practice of law. Marvin Pope accepted the position as a trial judge and has had no regrets. He has worked tirelessly with our schools and has met with parents and children at 7:00 a.m. on truancy issues to help keep the children in school. He has worked as a Board Member of the Family Visitation Center to provide a safe place for parents to exchange their children in high conflict divorces. He has worked with the Buncombe County Bar on computer technology. Marvin Pope is active with his Masonic Lodge in Candler, has volunteered to teach hunter safety classes for children and adults since 1990, and has taught self defense and personal safety classes. Marvin Pope is an Eagle Scout and loves to help scouts work to achieve Eagle Scout and other merit badges and awards. Marvin Pope has worked with the Juvenile Crime Prevention Counsel and spoken to countless community groups on education of the operations and the needs of the community and the courts. Marvin has also served as a Guardian on Honor Air Flights escorting World War II veterans on a flight to visit the World War II Memorial and Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Marvin served as the Chairperson of the congregation at St. Marks Lutheran Church in Asheville. Marvin Pope was born in Asheville, loves Western North Carolina and her people and has devoted his career to doing what he can to make it a better and safer place to live and raise our children.



Marvin Pope worked extensively in criminal court representing people charged with misdemeanors, traffic matters, felonies, and capital cases. Marvin Pope worked with crime victims as a private prosecutor in criminal court and advocated for victim rights and restitution for his clients. Superior Court judges handle felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases on a regular basis. Marvin Pope’s experience representing victims and defendants in criminal cases, plus his work as a trial judge, will ensure that everyone’s rights are protected and that the cases are handled efficiently. With his background and experience Judge Marvin Pope will move cases through the legal steps without unnecessary delay or time consuming and costly appeals due to mistakes made my an inexperienced judge.


One of the hardest times in the life of a family is dealing with the loss of loved ones and the pain of lawsuits over wills and estates. Marvin Pope has written wills for thousands of clients and helped families settle estate issues. The Superior Court is where wills and estate cases are heard and they need to be heard by judges who know the law, have practiced the law and have tried the cases in the courts. The last thing your family needs is a judge who has to learn the complicated legal issues on the job. Judge Marvin Pope knows the law, has tried the cases and will be best able to help your family get through this difficult time without wasting your money and assets.


Judge Marvin Pope has served on the Education Committee for the District Court Judges Association since 2003. The Education Committee is responsible for all of the training and specialized education for trial judges and development of the mandatory continuing judicial education seminars in North Carolina. In addition, Judge Marvin Pope has served on the Administration of Law Committee of the N.C. Bar Association which deals with issues concerning the relationships of the attorneys with the judiciary, the public, the legislature. This committee has spent a lot of time making recommendations on how to conduct fair and useful judicial performance evaluations of North Carolina Judges. This experience will serve you well because Judge Marvin Pope is not just a student of the law but a recognized teacher and educator for other judges.


During the practice of law, Marvin Pope served as speaker for attorney seminars dealing with computer technology, law office management and administration, and family law matters. As a Judge, Marvin Pope has been certified at the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and has received extensive training in Domestic Violence, Child Custody and Support matters through various judicial organizations. Judge Pope has taught law classes to North Carolina Magistrates through the North Carolina School of Government. It will improve the Superior Courts to not only have Judge Marvin Pope’s experience but his continuing role as an educator to make sure that everyone in the courts are current on the law and procedure that is needed on a daily basis to make the court efficient and meet the needs of the public.


Judge Marvin Pope started a general practice of law with Ronald C. Brown following his graduation from Wake Forest University School of Law in 1973. Pope & Brown was a highly successful practice and handled cases in areas of the law. Marvin Pope operated a solo practice after his law partner was Ronald C. Brown was elected District Attorney in 1978. Marvin Pope practiced law in Western North Carolina out of his Asheville law office for total of 28 years. Marvin Pope tried thousands of cases in criminal courts, civil courts, and domestic courts throughout Western North Carolina in our state and federal trial and appellate courts. This experience is critical to the work of a Superior Court Judge.


During the practice of law Marvin Pope represented small business corporations from the incorporation phase throughout the life of the company, including dissolution when necessary. In addition, Judge Marvin Pope represented corporate clients in the Western North Carolina area including Pepsi Cola Bottling Company, Blue Ridge Truss Company, Carolina Battery, Inc., Appalachian Stove as well as many other fine businesses in our community. In these precarious economic times and the financial hardship on businesses and employers, the personal experience and background of Judge Marvin Pope means that cases will be handled efficiently and businesses can, whenever possible, get on with their work and taking care of their employees, instead of wasting years tied up in court cases because the judge does not know the law or have the experience needed to handle difficult litigation.


From 1973 until 2001, Marvin Pope handled real estate transactions for Buyers and Sellers in Western North Carolina. Marvin Pope helped his clients resolve boundary disputes, clearing title to their land, condemnation, zoning and annexation cases. Real Estate cases are tried in Superior Court. Experienced judges like Judge Marvin Pope who know the law and are able to apply in a fair and impartial manner are critical to protect the legal rights of property owners. Experience gets it right the first time and saves property owners from unnecessary and expensive appeals.


For more than 20 years, Marvin Pope and Carl H. Ricker, Jr. owned Lake Hickory Plaza, Inc. a development corporation which acquired property, built restaurants, office buildings, developed shopping centers as well as negotiated franchise agreements with Taco Bell, PepsiCo and other food service enterprises. This experience provided Marvin Pope with opportunities to work in business and corporate operations and gives him invaluable experience to understand the complex corporate issues that will be before him as a Superior Court Judge. You may not think this is important but if the company you work for is involved in a court case it could be the difference in whether or not you have a job. If your company gets tied up for years in court it may have to close the doors and that hurts the employees and entire community. A judge who wisely moves the cases through the court to a fair and just resolution protects all of us. Judge Marvin Pope is the best person to handle complex business litigation.