I have practiced law in Buncombe County and Western North Carolina for more than twenty eight years and I have served the citizens and residents as a trial judge for nine years. As a lawyer and a judge I have always worked hard to prepare myself by putting in the hours in the law library doing research on the issues before me. I expect lawyers to be prepared, organized and ready to try their cases but I do not expect or want them to spend their time trying to educate me on the law. It is not fair to the people who appear in court or the taxpayer to have a judge who does not know what to do or how to do it.

In my courtroom everyone is treated fairly and with respect. I am courteous to all parties and personnel and no one receives special treatment or consideration. I make my decisions promptly and they are based on common sense and sound legal principles. The standard I set for myself is to demonstrate and reflect professionalism, honesty, integrity, knowledge and the highest level of ethics at all times. I maintain these high standards by working hard, being prepared for court and staying focused on the work of the court.

I have represented clients from all walks of life. I have presided over thousands of court cases in all kinds of courts. While reasonable minds can disagree about the outcome of a particular case, my reputation and my philosophy as a trial judge is to carefully consider all of the evidence and arguments of the parties, apply the law as it is written and not as I would like it to be and then enter a prompt, fair and just decision.

The work of the court is important and there is too much at stake to let the Superior Court be a training ground for a judge who lacks the experience and knowledge to do the job the way it deserves to be done. In this election I am the candidate with the most experience and will be able to do the job without the lawyers having to take their time to bring me up to speed on the law. In the courtroom judicial experience is not a luxury but a necessity.