In my legal career, I recall names like Martin, Lewis, Allen, Winner, Gudger, McLean and Payne and reflect on the caliber of Superior Court Judges in Buncombe County, the 28th Judicial District. Statewide, these names are remembered as dedicated, professional, knowledgeable, distinguished jurists. I want to continue this tradition, and this is why I am asking for your support in becoming the next Superior Court of the 28th Judicial District.

I have served as District Court Judge since 2001 and a Superior Court Judge since 2011. I have served in all courts, criminal and civil including jury trials. I am certified as a juvenile court judge. I have served as a family court judge since 2005. I received special certification as a trainer from the National College of Juvenile Court Judges in Reno, Nevada, in the field of custody and child support. I have received special certifications on all levels of domestic violence from various institutes and have taught at seminars, judges schools and conferences on the issue of domestic violence. I have taught at New Judges School for the State of North Carolina and serve on the Education Committee for the Conference of District Court Judges. Additionally, I teach magistrates classes dealing with domestic violence and related criminal issues for issuance of warrants.