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County: Buncombe

Attorney Name: Tikkun A.S. Gottschalk

Attorney Email:

Opposing Counsel:

Opposing Counsel 2:

Opposing Counsel 3:

Opposing Counsel 4:

Phone: 828-251-0600

Case#: 12 CvS 4122

Short Style: Blankenship

Filed by (Attorney Name): Tikkun A.S. Gottschalk

Hearing On (Motion Name): Determine Amount of Fees


Tikkun Gottschalk is the Administrator CTA of the Blankenship Estate. As of June 30, 2014, the Estate is no longer a party to this case. By Order dated June 30, 2014, the Buncombe County Superior Court directed that the costs incurred by the Administrator in this case be paid out of the Estate assets, but did determine the exact amount of such costs. The costs have now been calculated by the Administrator, and total $6,149.50 (see Administrator’s Affidavit). The Administrator is therefore entitled to an Order directing that $6,149.50 be paid out of the Estate to the Administrator as the costs incurred in this action. The Administrator is informed and believes that none of the parties object to this motion.

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