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County: Yancey

Attorney Name: John W. Fletcher III

Attorney Email: jwfletcher@gdhs.com

Opposing Counsel:

Phone: 704-372-5600

Case#: 12 CVS 208

Short Style: SLM Financial v. Stinson

Filed by (Attorney Name): John W. Fletcher III

Hearing On (Motion Name): March 4th, 2013


The Honorable Marvin P. Pope:

Judge Pope, I appreciate your consideration of our motion for default judgment in this matter. I do not have substantive arguments to make at this time, other than to refer you to our verfied Complaint and our Affidavit in Support of this motion, which I have uploaded for your review. If you are so inclined, I have also uploaded a proposed Judgment for your consideration.

I very much appreciate your taking on this trial program, and I am happy to particpate in it.

John W. Fletcher III, Counself for Plaintiff

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