Instructions – Document Uploader

Note: The document uploader is for complimentary copies for your judge. It does not circumvent any requirement of the local rules to file original documentation with the clerk of court. Use the document uploader to provide proposed orders, briefs and memoranda of law, exhibits and other documentation that may be necessary in your representation of your client. Bench hearings, even for Motions for Summary Judgment and other substantive matters, where oral argument will not add to your legitimately filed pleadings, can be handled in this online forum when appropriate and agreed by the parties.

  1. Under the menu item MyVirtualCourt, or from that page on Judge Pope’s website ( click on Upload A Document.
  2. Enter the password provided by Judge Pope.
  3. Fill out the form completely. Only the Comments section is not required.
  4. Click the “Choose File” button and find the file you wish to upload on your computer and click the affirmative response for your browser.

When the file has successfully uploaded into the database, you will be directed to a confirmation page and receive a confirming email (there is a short delay on this, so be patient). The application sends an email with the attachment to Judge Pope, and notates your upload in the tabulated database on the MyVirtualCourt page.