Attorney Pretrial Requirements


In the trial of this case, the Court requests the following:

1. WITNESS LISTS: If you have not done so prior to trial, please submit witness lists to opposing attorneys prior to jury selection.

2. EXHIBITS: If exhibits are introduced into evidence and you intend them to be published to the jury, please make 12 (+alternate jurors) copies of all exhibits, including pictures.

3. JURY INSTRUCTION: Please submit any requested jury instruction to opposing party and to the Court as soon as possible for consideration.

4. VERDICT ISSUES: If you have any requests for specific criminal or civil jury issues such as lesser included offenses in criminal cases, please submit those in writing to opposing counsel and to the Court as soon as possible.

5. AUDIO/VISUAL TOOLS AND EXHIBITS: Make certain that all audio / visual tools and equipment work properly without mal-function to save judicial time. Have backup equipment available if at all possible.

6. STIPULATIONS: Stipulate to as many facts as possible including experts;