Superior Court judges travel within their judicial division. Buncombe County is in the 8th trial division. The other counties in the 8th division are Avery, Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Henderson, Jackson, Macon, Madison, McDowall, Mitchell, Polk, Rutherford, Swain, Transylvania, and Watauga counties. Most people don’t realize a Superior Court judge elected in Buncombe County will only hold court in Buncombe County six months out of every two years! The rest of the time the judge is sent to the other counties in the division. I hear cases in all of these Western North Carolina counties.

The travel component is important to the work of the Superior Court and to you. Judges are not the only ones who travel. Criminals often prey on victims in different or adjacent counties to commit criminal offenses and so your resident Superior Court judge can make Buncombe County a safer place even when holding court in another county. In addition, law abiding citizens get involved in legal disputes such as real estate matters and motor vehicle accidents outside of their home county and it is imperative to have experienced, quality judges available throughout the division.

One of the benefits of travel is to find out what programs and services are working in other communities and bring those ideas back to Buncombe County. We are fortunate to have many innovative programs in Buncombe County and I can share these ideas with the leaders and officials in other counties. Regardless of whether I am bringing the ideas home or taking them out improvements that reduce the cost of services and improve the quality of the service provided we will all benefit as taxpayers and citizens.